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Dirty Doctor

| Short Erotic Story
But it wasn’t over yet.. she took my hand and showed me how to play with her clit, she wanted me to make her cum.. I was just following her instructions and after maybe two minutes she came too.. it was the first time I saw a woman have an orgasm in person.. the feeling was amazing..

Naughty Nurse

| Short Erotic Story
Then she stopped and took off her nurse gown.. and she was naked.. it turns out she took of the bra too while she was gone.. so she was completely naked, and boy was she hot.. she had beautiful breasts, perky, her nipples were clearly hard.. her pussy was completely hairless, it looked like it was just shaved..

Winter Passion

| Short Erotic Story
After that I just took my time to explore her body.. I touched, kissed, caressed and licked every inch of her body.. I wanted to bring her to the edge of orgasm without even touching her most sacred part, her pussy.. I was kissing, touching, caressing and licking her face, neck, breasts, belly.. her thighs, knees, feet and toes.. and all the way up again.. she was in ecstasy..

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